Wednesday, June 5, 2013

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In my mind, the official start of summer happens when the big peony bush in
our backyard starts blooming. Its the first of my summer plants to show off  its
flashy blooms and usually does so shortly after the very last of my tulips has lost
its petals. The weather has been playing games with us over the past few weeks
so it doesn't entirely "feel" like summer just yet, with temps jumping in and out of
the low 60's with rain seeming to find its way to us what seems like every other day.
Because of this, we just planted the garden yesterday evening and it probably wasn't
even dry enough to do so, but we saw rain headed our way in the forecast and bit the
My sister-in-law, Emily is leaving us for the summer to go to Fort Worth, Texas to live
with her boyfriend for the summer. I'm very excited for her but its really bittersweet. It seems
like we've seen her consistently at least 3 times a week at least since Henry's been born so it
going to feel pretty strange to not see her until August. We promised to FaceTime each other
often and Chris & I (and Henry, of course)  are going to see if we can squeeze a quick weekend trip down to see her as soon as we get things squared away on the farm.

On another note, my dad is getting married on Friday! He's marrying his longtime girlfriend, Crystal
in a small ceremony at the church Chris & I were married at. Afterwards they are having a bbq chicken and porkchop reception at the farm they bought up the road from us. Later today, Henry & I are going to walk the 3 miles to their farm to help with decorations and set up. I'll be sure to share some photos from the celebration next week.  But right now, I'm going to get going on some serious laundry.
Henry's down for his morning nap and as they say, you've got to make hay while the sun still shines.

Have a fabulous Wednesday :)

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