Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cue the Barry White

Last Friday, my dad and his girlfriend Crystal exchanged vows in a small ceremony at a little white country church just outside a tiny town called Compton.  My dad had asked meif i would be willing to take a few photographs during the ceremony and reception, that was to be held at the farm that he & Crystal purchased last fall. They are currently in the process of restoring the 1920's era farm house to its former glory and it coming along so beautifully.

It was a gorgeous day and everything went along ever so smoothly. It was all of things they wanted their wedding day to be: simple, rustic, casual, and intimate. Every table had a homemade pie of a different flavor and everybody went around sampling the deliciousness that was shared. After a dinner of fried chicken and various sides, I walked with my dad and his new bride around the farm yard finding beautiful, rustic backdrops for their wedding portraits. After the last photo was taken, they stood behind the barn and practiced for their first dance, of which they filled me in was going to be a choreographed one. When they made their way onto the "dance floor", which was situated on the west end of an old, tin machine-shed, Barry White's oh-so-familiar voice hit the speakers. Dad and Crystal spun and strutted their way around the dance floor to thesweet sounds of "My First, My Last, My Everything", laughing all the while.We are truly so happy for them.

We were both surprised and impressed that Henry was a trooper and didn't cry once during the ceremony. I was positive that we'd be hearing from him all afternoon since he'd been stubborn and refused to go down for his nap before we left for the wedding. It was much the opposite, with a smiling baby sitting quietly on his daddy's lap until after dinner. After all of the photographic needs were met, we made the 2 minute drive to our farm and put Henry to sleep. Chris's mom was gracious enough to babysit Henry so we could go back to the reception and have a little fun. 
Congrats, Dad & Crys!
Here's to many years of love & happiness

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  1. oh my goodness! Too cute! Congrats to them both!


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