Tuesday, May 7, 2013

what a day for a daydream

It seems we've made ourselves a fellow nature lover, indeed.

Yesterday was one of those gorgeous spring days you wish you could bottle up and save for January. The kind of day that makes you want to crank up one of those cheesy '60's songs that make you seriously think about doing a cartwheel, right there on the freshly cut deep green grass. (exibit A above.. click play and you'll know what I mean)
The temperature was in the high 70's all day and the bothersome Illinois wind had died down, from the previous day, to a light whisper of a breeze.

I made my second trip of the season to a new local greenhouse and purchased some more pretty red day lilies and various annuals for the old metal farm buckets I use as planters in front of our garage and on our patio.  Shortly after his nap, I plopped Henry down in his stroller and wheeled him out to where I would be planting. After about an hour of amusing himself looking at our white fencing, he began to fuss. So I set out his blanket and laid him out on it. Immediately, the fussing stopped and he was completely content, kicking his little arms and legs in excitement.

I kept on planting, looking up every so often to marvel at his curiosity. It was like his head was on a swivel... every bird chirp or rustle of the tree's leaves above had his full and undivided attention. I was filled with all sorts of motherly emotion.. you know, the kind that makes us mama's almost tear up at the tiniest little action from our bundles of joy. I'd imagined that very moment WAY before Henry ever came into the picture. I'd always watched a scenario in my head where I would be walking around on the grass on a warm summer day, feet bare as they usually are when I'm going for a stroll in our yard in the sun. I'd be holding my barefoot baby in my arms as we made our way under the shade of a big beautiful tree. I'd lay a blanket down and we'd be there for hours, taking in the beauty of nature around us. I'd always hoped I'd have a child that would love nature the way I do.

I know its probably too early to know for sure, but, from the looks of things, I do believe I've got myself a fellow nature enthusiast in my little Hen.

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