Tuesday, June 19, 2012

mod makeup

My obsession with everything 1960's has branched into the wild world of makeup.. which I've never been very good at doing.....like ever. With Chris in Canada, my boredom has reached an astronomic level, which led to me spending the better part of the last hour watching youtube tutorials on applying mod, 1960's style eye makeup for no reason whatsoever. 20 minutes later, with my hands covered in wiped off eyeliner mistakes, this is what the finished product looked like. Squiggly eyeliner and all ;)
Somehow my eyeliner skills never progressed past the novice age 14 level, leaving one eye looking larger than the other more times than not. You win some, you lose some, right?
If you are interested in seeing what the real thing is supposed turn out like, here is the tutorial I viewed.
She has such an adorable face shape and it left me pretty envious.
Anywho.. sorry for this "filler" post. I promise that after tomorrow I will have a lot more
interesting hoopla to write about as tomorrow I am going "floating" with my friend Samantha. 
Floating, if you've never heard of it and/or it only exists in Hickland U.S.A., is the act of getting on an inner-tube and leisurely floating down a small river armed with a few adult beverages and lots of sunscreen. In all my 25 years, I've never gone floating... brew-canoeing, yes...tubing behind a boat on the Illinois river, yes... but no floating. Its been on my list for awhile, so I'm more than happy to be able to check it off after tomorrow. Happy Tuesday, gals!


  1. Oh la la. Love it girl! I've always been terrible with make up particularly eye liner. Oh well. I need lessons! And floating sounds absolutely divine. Enjoy it!!

  2. I tried this yesterday! I didn't look like the girl in the video, but I felt cool :)

    1. ya, i didn't get the video perfect results either but i felt like it looked pretty foxy :)

  3. Dear girl, you look like a bombshell! I always thought I looked weird with thick eyeliner, but now I want to try it...


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