Friday, June 22, 2012

holy mackerel!

First of all, Chris is coming home today!!!!!!!!! Woohooo!!!
He texted me this morning once he was back on U.S. soil and told me he'd be home this afternoon. 
Then, he sent me this little gem..

That, my friends, is a 28" long, 7 3/4 lb. walleye.. He told me that it was the biggest fish of the entire trip for any of them . Also, that sucker was the biggest fish Chris has caught in his life, and he's fished a LOT. I can tell that he is so excited about it and he's going to get it mounted on the wall. 
I feel like one of those whiney significant others saying this, but 4 days is definitely long enough for him to be gone. It honestly felt like he was gone 10 days and I wasn't digging it. But to see him holding such a ginormous fish makes it worth it. At least the fishing was good.

So the other day I went on a floating trip with my friend Samantha and her boyfriend Jake on the Mackinaw river in central Illinois. Even though the river was low and we were dragging our butts over the bottom more often than not, it was a great time. Afterwards we took a driving tour around Jake's home town (which was way cooler than I thought it would be... so many grand old homes), had some dinner, and then went back to Samantha's college town and played pool for a few hours at the local bar.

 There were 4 other people there and they all looked like weathered, old regulars. I think we may have chased them out by playing Drake on the jukebox.. Not sure if rap is their style hahaha :)

I don't have much planned for the weekend except spending a lot of time with Chris. I hope you all have a great first weekend of summer!


  1. we used to go "floating" (we called it tubing) when i lived in MN. so fun!

  2. holy walleye! and yes, we dragged our butts on the river too. it was so low! but once sherman got out, we were ok. that extra 100 lbs will do ya in.

  3. That is a HUGE fish. My husband loves to fish and would die to catch a fish that big. Glad your hubby will be home soon. Enjoy your weekend with him!!

  4. haha I remember tubing (what we called floating in central IA) down the Boone river. We went once when the river was quite full. Probably not the wisest choice in life but we survived (even though a cooler of beverages was lost at the very beginning on the trip)

  5. WHAT a great weekend! So glad your husband is coming home! I went "fishing" twice...first time, I caught a thing that looked really similar to a seahorse (not sure what was up with that), second time, I caught the smallest fish ever and accidentally murdered it. :( Fishing must not be for me, but your guy looks like he has it down to an art!

  6. Agreed - 4 days away from a significant others is too long! But it looks to me like he had himself a pretty fun time. ;) Hope you two have a great week!


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