Monday, June 18, 2012

weekend instagrams

This is what we wake up to every morning.. Reagan jumps up on 
our bed and strategically steps on my stomach or Chris's face, putting
all of her weight on us. We try, but its hard to stay mad at that little
mongrel's face for long.

I finally decided and bought myself a new retro swimsuit! It was
the last one in my size in that color so it was kind of a must. It is 
swimsuit #3 from this post and its from J.Crew. LOVE!

These lovely ladies are, from right to left, Grace, InStyle (like the magazine),
and JWoww. Yes, those are their legitimate names.. We've got the papers
to prove it. One of my fave pass times is giving new heifers fun and strange

As I've mentioned before, we have been having quite the dry spell in
our area. Its been really, really bad.. It seems like every rainstorm that
heads our way ends up scattering right above us or veering just to the
north or south of us, giving us no benefit. The other night we ended
up lucking out and we measured that it rained 8/10th of an inch on our
farm and that's so great! Our crops and yard already look SO much better.

We like to travel. And more often than not, we end up planning trips
only a couple of weeks ahead of time. Its just always been our style. 
Maybe its spontaneity or maybe its procrastination.. I like the sound of
spontaneity better ;) Anyways, Chris and his best friend Devin decided
to take a last minute fishing trip to Canada, before July gets here and
stuff starts to get really crazy busy for us. They decided this at the end
of last week and left early this morning. Chris will be gone until Friday.
So.. this photo, we made a last minute trip to Gander Mountain to stock
up on a few odds and ends of fishing tackle. I saw these gorgeous lures
and had to snap a photos.. I just loved how bright and uniquely colored 
these were.

Father's day dinner took place at Garzanelli's supper club in Oglesby, IL.
Its been a favorite of my family's since I was a kid and dad never
turns down a chance to go to dinner there. Its been around forever.. 
When you walk inside its just like walking back in time to the '30's or '40's.

My peach rose bush finally put on a pretty blossom the other evening.
By the next morning, it and all of the other buds had been taken out by
the hoards of Japanese beetles that have taken over our area. Its nuts how
many are flying around, eating my tree leaves and roses and garden! Lets just
say I'm thinking about taking up stock in Seven sprinkle-on pesticide powder..

This was taken this afternoon. My 16 year old brother in law, Michael,
asked me a day or two ago if I would go with him to a political rally in 
Davenport, Iowa for Mitt Romney. Mike has such a deep interest in the 
workings of politics. I've never seen such an interest in a kid his age before. 
I mean, this is the guy who sat around watching the primaries for hours on end
and never missed a beat when it comes to news hot off the campaign trail of
most any candidate for our state or for president. So I agreed to drive him out there.
I do not consider myself to be democratic or republican and I will not discuss
politics on this blog, as most discussions just leave me stressed out, but I tried to enjoy
the day. It really wasn't all that bad if you don't count the 95 degree temp, the time-consuming
security, or some very loudly opinionated individuals. I tried to sit back and take it all in with
a grain of salt. I ended up leaving there feeling more educated on that candidate and their 
views, so all in all, a success.

 Oh, and then I got a speeding ticket on the way home.. 
Ah, such is life.. Sometimes you just have to have a good laugh over it :)


  1. I LOVE your new swimsuit. Great choice!! And you look adorable in that hat. I just bought one like that, but I'm still not sure I can pull it off.

  2. Oh my goodness that swimsuit is just about the cutest I've ever seen! Great choice! And your dog is pretty darn adorable!

  3. Ugh - speeding tickets! Don't you hate those??? :(
    The swimsuit is super adorable.

  4. Oh that bathing suit! SWOON!and those lovely lady heifers, with those fantastic names, I love it. Can I live there?

  5. What a great attitude! Not easy to laugh off a speeding ticket. :)
    ps, that swimsuit is ALL kinds of awesome!

    Excited to follow along!



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