Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the week in instagrams

 There's something a tad bit depressing about passing an exit you turned on to everyday
for 3 years. Its not that I long to go back to my college days at Illinois State..
I love where I am in life and wouldn't trade it for anything, but reminiscing
about days gone by, mourning time lost, is not a fun process.
Maybe its just me getting older. No matter, every time we head south
on I-39 I feel the same way.

 My brother-in-law and I made a trip down to Bloomington for the first monthly 
antiques/flea market of the year. I ended up coming home with some vintage 
prints for the kitchen that I intend on framing and a gorgeous polka dotted scarf. I love
 vintage baby shoes, especially if they are saddle shoes and these babies were so cute!

As I've mentioned before, we've been having a bit of a dry spell in our area. 
We need rain so badly and there hasn't been much in the forecast as of late. 
The other day, we had 40+ mile per hour winds whip through our neck of the
 woods and the "dust storms" that resulted were pretty crappy. This photo is what it
looked like pulling out of my driveway that afternoon. My bro-in-law & I hopped in 
the truck and went exploring because hoeing corn that Chris mis-planted in all that dust
and heat was getting pretty old. If thatday wasn't the poster child for why 
more farmers should be implementing conservation methods of tillage, I don't
 know what is. I could see dust flying off of certain fields all 
day long, while the fields next to these ones weren't losing much at all. It pays to 
leave crop residue on top of the soil surface on dry years like this. Top soil is
 just too precious. Plus the left over residue keeps moisture in the ground longer.

More of that dust.

We went to the wedding of my sister-in-law's life long best friend on Saturday. Everything
 was so perfect and beautiful :) The entire Happ clan was there and you'd better
 believe that we took full advantage of the amazingly fun photo booth that
 was provided. The left photo strip is Chris & myself, along with my 
mother-in-law, Karen. The center is of us and our great friends, Katie & Devin. 
The strip on the right is my sis-in-law, my bro-in-law and myself, hamming it up, 
of course. Photo booths never get old.. I get so excited when we walk into
 a reception that has one :)

Queso fundito on Memorial Day. We had lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant that we
have been missing out on a lot lately. It was as fantastic as I remembered.

 We finished up our Memorial Day festivities by grilling out steaks & chops with Chris's 
sister, Emily, and her boyfriend from Fort Worth, TX, Billy. She brought over a bottle
of rhubarb wine for me, as she knows my obsession with anything rhubarb. Isn't that 
label easy on the eyes? I love it. 

I hope that everyone enjoyed their long weekend. Besides the high temps & winds, 
ours was pretty great, if I do say so myself. 


  1. Sounds like a good wedding. And you are right...photo booths never get old!

  2. photo booth, rhubarb wine, mexican food. minus the winds, sounds like an amazing weekend!


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