Wednesday, May 23, 2012

garden accomplished

Yes, its a little behind schedule, but its done now and I'm happy about it.
Last night was a team effort, with Chris finally having time to stop working and breath a little, his brother Michael being eager to stick around for his favorite meal (cajun chicken lasagna... its my specialty), and my father-in-law, Joe, doing his last bit of work before his rotator cuff surgery, which is actually taking place this morning. Up until last night, the only thing purposefully growing in our garden were 3 rows of potatoes. Everything else coming up out there fell into the weed category. And we just can't be having any of that, so we re-rototilled that section of the garden and planted lots and lots of rows of lettuce, in a bunch of varieties, carrots, peas, wax beans, green beans, brussel sprouts, and radishes. Now I'm on a mission to find a few of the tomato plants that we had in our garden last year (we had 20 tomato plants last year... yikes). One of our favorites was the orange "cherry" tomatoes that we ate like candy all summer long. Another must have is the Arkansas Traveler variety of pink tomatoes. Everything about this variety was perfect. Perfect size, amazing flavor, and pretty to look at. Unfortunately, I found this variety in only one place last season and that happens to be a greenhouse more than an hour away that I stopped by on a whim. So if I can't find that plant around here, I guess I'm driving toward the city in search of it.
My tomato search has been put on hold, at least for today. My to-do list around the farm is pretty lengthy. With my father-in-law having surgery today, Chris is overwhelmed with all of the odds & ends jobs that Joe usually takes care of while Chris does the big jobs. So for at least 6 weeks, I am the stand-in for Joe, since he cannot use his arm at all during those weeks. I have a feeling that I'm going to be saying "hello" to a brand spankin' new farmer's tan in no time at all ;)


  1. hello to your cute blog and farmer's tans! ha. These pictures are gorgeous. xo

    1. hello to you, too! thanks for stopping by :)


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