Friday, May 18, 2012

hard work & instagrams

I've been busy weeding flower beds, transplanting peonies, mowing, and weed whacking over the past few days and our yard is looking like a million bucks. Aside from using muscles that have been dormant for awhile and feeling the repercussions for a few days after, its really been great. Maybe its all the extra sunshine I've been getting, or maybe its the flood of endorphins a little hard work & elbow grease ensues, but I've just been so giddy-happy and motivated lately. There's just something great about the moment you step back a few feet from the product of your hard work and see a definite change for the better. I am so thankful for the beautiful, sprawling lawn that came with our lovely home. Somewhere around 7:30 in the evening, when the wind dies down and the constant rustle of the trees quiets and the world gets still, I find myself looking around in awe at our picturesque yard, basked in the golden glow of the descending afternoon sun. Its moments like that that make me ask myself how I got so lucky.
Here are some of my most recent instagrams for your viewing pleasure.

Our farm work shop is like a time capsule. Chris's great-uncles used
old dressers as tool boxes, built a grand expanse of shelving,
pinned Norman Rockwell prints and farm equipment magazine
cut-outs to the walls. I found this cardboard medallion pinned up
in a corner. Fell in love.
Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet nail polish.. obsessed doesn't
even begin to describe my feelings for it.

The prints on my new "high/low" maxi dress. Can't wait to
throw it on this summer on a breezy afternoon

breakfast for dinner, complete with pork chops and
Cracker Barrel copycat pancakes. Heaven.

I rediscovered one of my all time favorite songs on XM
radio driving home from spin class. I used to play this song on
repeat when I first moved away for junior college. Its a
great song to wake up to in the morning.

Raking hay on Mother's Day. Yes, that rhymed. No, I didn't
intend for it to. There's nothing quite like the smell of fresh hay. When I was
in high school, I used to wish that someone would come out
with a fragrance that smelled just like it. That and also fresh cut grass,
or the smell of a barn in summertime (sans manure, of course)

After, 3 months of waiting patiently, the beautiful tan leather
loafers I ordered from Madewell arrived. Much to my disapointment
they didn't fit... and they are now currently sold out of the next size up.

We planted another tree!! And I'm starting to consider myself
a "tree hoarder", if there is such a thing to be. This new
addition is a sycamore tree. I have many favorite trees, but
sycamores are my ALL TIME favorite. So finally finding one and
putting it in the ground felt amazing.

This is my great friend, Samantha. We've been friends our
entire lives. She's still in college, about an hour and a half
away from home so I make it a point to visit her as much as
my schedule will allow. It also doesn't hurt that she works at the
tastiest gyro joint I've ever been to that we frequent often on
my trips down . Also, they make a mean batch of onion rings :)

We ventured out to our favorite fried chicken joint over the weekend
with a few friends we don't often see. This scene never changes no
matter how much time passes. Our friend, Jesse, telling stories, as he does
best, and our friend Matt chiming in with sarcasm :)

I detailed my sister-in-law's convertible so my bro-in-law
could take it to prom. I was sitting in the passenger seat cleaning
 the dash when Dottie hopped right over me and took her rightful
place in the drivers seat. She was having a diva moment, so I
let it slide ;)

4 hydrangeas, my gladiolus bulbs dug up from another flower bed,
and two Siberian irises, so far. I still have a bit of work left to do
but its a start, right?
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. So many great pictures! I'll pick my three favorites. The mint nails, the Madewell package, and the prints on your dress. You know what, I favorite them all.

    1. Your too sweet :) Thanks for dropping by!


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