Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the pantry project

       A while back wrote a post about the initial phases of giving my pink pantry a little facelift via a new coat of paint. I think I may have even promised to post "after" photos that week. As usual, life got in the way and I wasn't inside as much as I had anticipated, and I've got the beginnings of a nice "farmer's tan" to prove it. So, slow and steady has been the pace for my dear pantry, but since I've put the final coat of paint on everything but the ceiling, I think its ok if I jump ahead a smidge and post a few "after" photos. The issue in the bottom photo has inspired a new project. 

There obviously used to be a window there that was covered up with siding at some point in this old house's storied lifetime. It would have been really nice if was left alone and not covered up. If it had been left alone, the biggest issue I'd be faced with in this room would be finding some really cute curtains. Instead, I'm presented with a problem that patching in new wood panelling will not resolve. Nobody wants to see obvious patchwork, most of all me. Secondly, the odds of finding this exact type and thickness is slim. So, the old squirrel cage got to spinning the other night and I had a major "aha" moment. A chalkboard. I would make a chalkboard. One that was big enough to cover up that unsightly hole in the wall. The next step was Pinterest, because lets be honest, I consult it whenever a new project pops into my brain to see if others have already perfected the art of it. Most times, they have. So that led me to this link .  From what it sounds like, I can do this project entirely on my own. And Chris likes the idea of having a place to write things for the grocery list, so I think its a go. I won't put a deadline on here because I know I won't complete it by then so I guess I will just post it up when it happens :)

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