Thursday, May 31, 2012

from cabin to classic deco

       As I may have mentioned before, a few rooms in our home have a common theme running between them. My mother-in-law loves the northwoods of Wisconsin, where our cabin is, so much that she decided to incorporate a little cabin charm in the house when she was living here. I am not trying to insult her decorating style at all with this post, its just that the woodsy wallpaper and borders are just not my cup of tea. To each his own, right? Below I offer you exhibit A: the cabin-y proof.

One of the rooms in question is our office and the other is our main downstairs bathroom. The office, I'm not too worried about for the time being. The bathroom, on the other hand has been an itch I can't scratch every since we moved in. Since all I do when I'm inside is fantasize about what could be and what should be in relation to remodeling/renovating our home, I've found myself dwelling on ideas for the bathroom for a while now.  I am completely obsessed with anything 1920's and Art Deco styled. Although our home is not a craftsman or a bungalow, the section of our house that holds our kitchen, bathroom, and upstairs master bedroom was built in 1917. So, in my mind, that makes it okay to go all Gatsby on that bathroom. Speaking of Gatsby (The Great Gatsby is one of my all time favorite books), have you seen the trailer for the new movie based on it coming out this Christmas? I don't know how I feel about it, as I'm sure everyone says that about any movie adapted from print. I just don't know if I can see Leo as Gatsby. The Gatsby in my mind  has a dark mustache and is tall and slender. Carrie Mulligan fits the bill for Daisy pretty perfectly, in my opinion, at least in this trailer. Maybe it will work. We'll just have to wait and see what Baz Luhrmann created with it.

Back to the bathroom..
I've been google searching & Pinteresting the crap out of "1920's style bathroom" & "art deco bathroom" over the past few days and this is what I'm loving of what I found:

                                                                Source: via Janell on Pinterest

I'm really liking the subway tile in this photo. I especially love the top row of black continues on around the bathroom. Also, the pedestal sink is a "must have" for me. Our bathroom is pretty small and I think having a pedestal sink instead of a big wooden cabinet with a sink mounted to it, like we have now, would create the illusion that the room is bigger. Also, the bold, modern color on the walls makes the tile stand out more.

                                                                      Source: via Janell on Pinterest
This one photo may be my favorite of the ones I pinned. I like how high up the subway tile goes. That little ledge above the sink is pretty darn fantastic, if you ask me. I love the simplicity of the mirror and the floor tile is a little more jazzed up with that border than the floor in the top photo. I also love the placement of those lights and I found the perfect
 "deco-syle" light fixtures on Rejuvenation. 

                                                                        Source: via Janell on Pinterest

This photo I found on the Rejuvenation site. It showcases another option they have for lighting. These lights remind me of little deco skyscrapers.

Source: via Janell on Pinterest
What I find interesting about this last photo is the larger hexagonal tile with the black border that matches the black border above the subway tile. The two black likes create a pretty cool effect. The sink is another option I would be open to. Its got a nice little shelf down below to help with some of the storage I will lose when I kick the wood cabinet to the curb. And those built in towel racks are pretty nifty on either side of the sink basin. 

So add this to the list of projects I keep blabbing about on this here blog. I'll just keep dreaming until Chris gives me the green light :)


  1. see, i cannot WAIT to see what i can only assume will be another baz luhrmann masterpiece. i don't know how i feel about toby maguire's presence, though...

    1. Oh I think it will be great even if Leo is in it. I suppose I shouldn't think that all the characters will line up with my imagination. And, ya, Toby wouldn't have been my first selection to play Nick. He just doesn't fit

  2. Great bathroom inspiration choices.. I'm sure you'll get the green light soon.. a girl can dream right.. I do and I don't even have the house yet


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