Wednesday, September 14, 2011

this early post is brought to you courtesy of the men on my roof

Last night was the first night since Reagan broke her leg that Chris and I actually got to sleep in our bed upstairs. And this morning was so bleak-looking and cold that it made for perfect "sleep in" weather..
The roofers had other plans. I woke to a sound that must have been them tap dancing directly above our room. Hooray. Yesterday Chris sprung one of those big deal-with-it-for-your-lifetime decisions on me.
"What color shingles do you want?"Seems easy enough to answer, right? Well its not...
I'd always dreamt of someday having the house the same color as the aerial photograph/painting  from the '60s hanging in our living room.
Green roof, white siding, green shutters
Chris toyed with the idea before telling me that our siding now is practically brand new and we would be pretty much throwing money away on new siding. And that fly poop shows up really bad on white houses.. We have cattle so flies are everywhere..Damn

As of yesterday, and every day that I've ever seen this house, the roof has been black. The siding has been a light gray and the shutters have been a dark grayish charcoal color. Chris, being one that makes decisions based on practicality and not on aesthetic value, told me wewere not going to get black again.
And I understand his point (our upstairs gets hotter than hades May-early September) and lighter colored shingles supposedly help with that.. Pssh.. I guess I was ok with looking at other colors because at least we weren't looking at tin roofing colors (his idea that I shot down last week after seeing a few houses with itthat looked like machine sheds). Every color of shingle that I pointed out to him was met with an immediate voice tone change and the words "don't you think that one's a little too much like black?" Ya, babe, that was the point..

I don't like change, it scares the bejeezus out of me. Chris knows this so he asked the roofer guys to bring some samples over. Chris's fave was a light/medium gray that I thought was way too light for me. But when we held it up to the house, it was still darker than the siding so that was fine. I made him climb up on the roof so I could get a far away view of it and it grew on me some more. When he climbed back down he sweetened his tone and asked, "Are you sure you like this one? We're going to have to deal with it for 30 years if you don't." Damn! There goes that looming reminder that this is a big girl decision that I can't just be "ok" with.
cobblestone gray
So, with that, we hopped in the truck and stalked some houses in town that the roofer said had similar colored siding and the same color roof as the sample in question.We must've drove past the same three houses 5 times back and forth in a row. The old woman on her porch had to have thought we were about to jump her. So its decided.. cobblestone gray is our gal... And ya know what, I think i'm pretty ok with it. I will put before and after pictures up.. it should be done today :)

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