Thursday, September 15, 2011

possibly the end of the garden

Jack Frost made us a quick visit last night.
Chris said there was just a hint of it left when he left for morning chores.
Not sure if it was enough to end my thriving garden or not, 
but if it does at least I was able to have one last picking frenzy this morning.
Holy peppers is all I have to say.
What am I supposed to do with all of them?
Looks like this might be the last week of BLT lunches too (yes, we had BLTs 3 days in a row last week).
Dear garden,
if this is the end, we've had a good run, haven't we?
Thank you for allowing me to check something off of our bucket list.
Maybe we'll see you next year?

Let's hope so..
 Janell & Chris

p.s. thanks for the bountiful carrot & potato harvest. 
they should taste great with the rib roast this afternoon.


  1. The tomatoes!! I'm sure those taste amazing. And they also look so pretty! :)

  2. You can't beat the taste of home grown tomatoes. They are soo flavorful :)

  3. As I sit here starving at work, that rib roast looks sooo good! Very impressed with your gardening skills. :)

  4. I apologize for torturing your hungry self with the rib roast picture lol! It was the first time I'd ever made roast and it actually turned out quite well :) Thank you! I am also impressed with my gardening skills.. this was my first "big girl" garden and I did way better than I thought with it.
    xoxo- Janell

  5. yummm! that rib roast looks delicious! :)

    nothing beats homegrown fruits & vegetables... love those tomatoes!

    would love to have you as a follower...
    have a wonderful weekend!

    ps. hope you'll come visit soon & enter my YSL inspired arty ring giveaway HERE :)

    cins - design3rd

  6. yum!! how fast this summer has come and gone :-)

  7. Your blog is adorable...I'm so jealous you live in an old farm house! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now following yours!

  8. Thanks Allison! Yours is super fun too :) thanks for following! I always dreamt of living in an old farm house so it's kinda a dream come true

  9. Why hasn't Mr. Frost visited me yet?! I need snowboard season to start. Like..yesterday.

  10. YUMMM!! That roast looks SO SO good!! Y'all seriously already had a frost? NO way. I love that y'all live on an old farm. That's so dreamy.

  11. Thanks! It was pretty darn yummy :) ya.. I was pretty surprised by the frost. We usually don't experience that until around the 1st of October so it's a little early.. And I would say that our farm is a pretty dreamy place, or at least we think it is. It has a lot of character. Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully you'll b on your snowboard sooner than later. Here's hoping for some big snow storms this winter

  12. Okay so Pioneer Woman's show is called Home on the Ranch and it makes me so hungry. It's on Saturday morning sat 11:30 on Food Network!

  13. Thanks Allison! I'm setting my dvr to record it right now. Can't wait

  14. Yum, those tomatos looks absolutely delish!


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