Monday, September 12, 2011

doggie splints

As you can see, Reagan had a little run in with a pickup truck on Friday.
With all her curiosity, she decided to follow the big dogs around a truck as it was pulling in and
we are guessing that she was paying more attention to catching up to them than the tire.
Chris has affectionately begun calling her "Lucky"
and we really are feeling that way.
Somehow, the little gal made it through the ordeal without any internal injuries to speak of.
However, after an overnight stay at the vet's office, she came home with her new accessory.
A doggie splint.

When the vet told us she was going to set Reagan up with a splint for her broken front leg,
we both pictured a couple popsicle sticks and some rubber bands (half jokingly).
But I secretly hoped that she'd come home with something we could sign and make
pretty marker hearts on.
She's kinda miserable
but at least she's alive.
She sleeps all day
and she's up all night.
When she wakes up, for a split second she forgets that she has a cast on and tries to be rowdy.
This is usually followed by very, very high pitched crying :(
Poor dear...

The splint comes off in 2 weeks and if the x-rays show she's all healed up,
she won't have to have it put back on for an additional 2 weeks.
Cross your fingers for us because we're kind of on house arrest with her as it is now. 
I can't imagine four weeks of this..
As for now, we are thanking our lucky stars
that she's, for the most part, okay.


  1. New follower! Love your blog! So sorry about your little baby! I hope she feels better soon and gets back to playing!

  2. poor little pup! she looks so sad! My dog got hit by a car when i was little. thankfully she was okay but it broke her pelvis so she obviously took forever to heal and needed a lot of help. So glad she's okay :)

  3. Thanks, ladies! I think she's feeling much better since she's been hopping around trying to play all morning without whimpering :)

  4. Poor doggy, Im glad she is feeling better though. Shes a gorgeous dog!

    Dont forget to enter my $100 Nordstrom gift card +Nars polish Giveaway!

  5. I'm so sorry about your puppy, but you gotta admit, that is the CUTEST, most pathetic-looking, adorable broken-legged dog on the face of the planet. Amazing.

  6. Your dog is the cutest thing ever:)!

  7. oh the poor baby! I'm so glad she's alright though!

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  9. She still has a cast on (it's her 3rd one since she likes to chew at them when her leg swells). The vet gave us a cone to put around her head to stop that. So now she looks especially pathetic. We feel so bad for her but hopefully this will be over next week if she's all healed up


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