Wednesday, August 24, 2011

sunflowers, wheat fields, pastures, and solid yellow lines

One of our most favorite pictures that McConville Studio captured that day

McConville Studio did a fabulous job capturing the mood of our wedding day. It didn't feel quite like the wedding was truley wrapped up until I got this link in my email today. I've been fantasizing about what all of the different backdrops did for the pictures (I literally have photo backdrop ideas flying around my head every time I drive anywhere and pass a picturesque spot). I always dreamt of having photos taken on top of the hill just north of West Brooklyn where you can see for miles and miles. In my opinion its one of the prettiest views in the area. Chris's best man, Devin happened to have a field of sunflowers a mile away from my dad's house (where us girls were getting ready at) so we took advantage of the flowers, which had just opened up. We also took a bunch of pictures in a section of harvest-ready wheat that I begged and pleaded with Chris to leave standing for some wedding day snapshots. I literally walked off the area of wheat I wanted him to leave me and rode with him in the combine to ensure that he didn't whittle that area away while harvesting. We are 110% in love with our wedding photos. It makes my heart sing to look at all of these special moments that have gone a little bit fuzzy over the past month or so. Enjoy!
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  1. Such a great picture! I love it! Your dress is oh so pretty! 2nd follower. :)


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