Friday, September 2, 2011

adios summer

    Yes I know that summer isn't officially over yet since white pants can still technically be worn until Monday.. And given the near 100 degree temperature today, it may be clinging on for a bit longer than Labor Day.  But as you well know, today is the 1st day of SEPTEMBER!!! Boy did August seem to drag on, or what?? Anywho... there are about a bajillion reasons why I feel like breaking into cartwheels and September is a big part of it.. Cue that groovy Earth, Wind, and Fire song.....

    September is the gateway to my favorite quarter of the year. If we are lucky Chris & I will be in the field beginning to harvest before the end of the month. This means that, if weather permits, we will be done with harvest early.. Maybe early enough to enjoy some sun-drenched afternoon hikes on brisk autumn days while the pretty leaves are still clinging to the trees. Its always hit or miss when it comes to planning anything in advance in fall because the weather is so unpredictable from year to year and the weather dictates Chris's every move farming-wise.

    But being stuck in a tractor during lovely fall days does have a few upsides. We get to wake up super early (which isn't really the fun part) and catch the sun coming up and transforming a gray morning into an amber shade of day. Beautiful...I always love the range of clothing that I end up wearing through the day. I usually leave the house in a hoodie, jeans, and some warm gloves. By noon, its getting to be a little warm so I toss the hoodie until that night when I'm back to freezing my keister off again. Ahhhh.. fall weather..... And sitting in the tractor is infinitely more enjoyable with a great classic rock/oldies channel blaring :)

   September is when hoodie, leather jacket, sweater, and to-die-for brown leather boots weather starts creeping in. It is my most favorite season to dress & shop for.

my favorite picture of my sister and her husband
in front of the Louvre in Paris a few years back when they
were living in Germany 

 September also means that Chris & I are 3 months from a flight to San Francisco where we will become someone's aunt & uncle  for the first time.  My sister is due to have a baby on November 30th and I'm still in awe of the fact that my family will have a new member that will mean so much to us all in such a small amount of time and we haven't even met her yet. I am so much looking forward to seeing my sister and her husband transform into parents. I know they will ROCK :)

A few more cartwheel-worthy things I'm looking forward to :
  • apple cider
  • weather chilly enough to warrant making chili for dinner (w/ lots of sour cream and cheddar added once its in my bowl.. yuuuuummmmm-y)
  • scarfs
  • sitting in the bleachers at Mendota's new football field watching my baby bro play some pigskin
  • ummm.. duh.... the leaves changing colors
  • snuggling extra close at night to keep our feet warm
  • baking a batch or two of cookies just to get the chill out of the house.. (as I wrote that I was thinking 'ya, ya, ya keep telling yourself that, girlfriend')
  • a trip the antique flea market in Elkhorn, Wisconsin later on this month to scrounge around for some treasures with my Dad, Crystal, and the Thelma-to-my-Louise, Meg McConville. Antique vendors get ready for some bartering because I AM coming home with a dresser for my husband.. MmmmK? Thanks

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