Wednesday, January 30, 2013


"Perfect. Everything still looks perfect! Its exciting because we don't get that all that often"
These are some words one of my midwives spoke at my 34 week appointment on Monday.
As I near the end of my first pregnancy, I can't help but feel like the luckiest, most blessed girl 
in the world. 

My pregnancy, so far & knock on wood, has gone off without a hitch. 
The "ugliest" pregnancy symptom I've had a brush with is heartburn, and to be honest, it hasn't been
all that ugly enough to even complain about. I know that others have it far worse than I so I bite my 
tongue when I think of complaining and think of how blessed I am to only have little old heartburn, and not some of the really uncomfortable symptoms like hemorrhoids or swollen ankles or varicose veins. 

I only have 6 weeks left, give or take a few days depending on when this baby want to make its debut into the world, and like most big events in life there's a bit of a bittersweet feeling that floats around.

I have loved being pregnant. Loved it to the extent that the thought me no longer being pregnant me a bit sad. I've just felt that there's been such a profound purpose to my life over the past 8 months. 
Every time I feel the baby stretch out, hiccup, kick, or curl up I find myself so high with an excitement and happiness that I've found so few times in my life. 

I've felt more beautiful as a pregnant woman that I ever have before at any time in my life.
Its like all of my insecurities were left behind back in July when we first found out we were expecting.
Maybe its the transformation from girl to grown woman, which at 26, I would have thought that would have happened in my mind well before I got pregnant. But I feel it now, and its been a fabulous feeling.

I cannot fully describe the very blessed feeling that I've been given. Not just for this beautiful, healthy, fulfilling pregnancy that has been bestowed upon us, but for this life that I'm living. For my wonderful, supportive, comforting, loving husband. I didn't know it was possible to love him any more that I already did, but its so much more than possible. When we sat in our birth class, surrounded by women from various walks of life, I felt an overwhelming feeling of how lucky I am to have Chris. Many of the women in our class were there alone, without support from a friend or parent or the father of their unborn babies. They sat there unable to do the relaxation exercises without a partner by their side. My heart broke thinking of how hard the process of pregnancy must be for them with no one there to share their joys and fears with. When we got in the car I squeezed Chris's hand and didn't let go. 

I'm so much looking forward to watching him become a father. One thing I've always known from the very beginning is how great a father he would make someday. Its one of the most beautiful things to see in another person. 
Here ends my hormonal, pregnancy ramblings :) They just pour out of me anymore. 
Here's to 6 more weeks of perfect


  1. Yeah! So happy for you Janell!

  2. That's so amazing that you are feeling so good and loving being pregnant. What a blessing!!


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