Friday, December 14, 2012

a nursery board

I purposefully put off thinking about ideas for our nursery during
the first few months of my pregnancy. I knew that a lot of work
stood between us and our finished nursery so I thought, what's
the point of getting things bought up just so they could sit in a pile
collecting dust for a a few months until our upstairs renovation was

About a month ago, we started brainstorming about "unisex" nurseries.
I googled and Pinterest-searched the heck out of the search terms
"unisex nursery" and "gender neutral nursery". Those searches
yielded a lot of creamy tan and cool gray nurseries that were beautiful,
but all together, I felt they were a little too blah. We wanted something
vibrant. We wanted a nursery filled with pops of color and varying textures
with a bit of an eclectic feel to it. 

So we brainstormed away and came up with buzzwords like "outdoorsy",
"camping",  and "travel". Both of us being the travel-obsessed, outdoorsmen that
we are, we'd always talked about a bucket-list goal of seeing every national park
in the United States by the time we are old and grey. I remembered seeing some
depression-era, W.P.A. commissioned national park travel posters online about a 
year ago that I'd been pining for ever since and a lightbulb clicked. Chris had been
thinking along those same lines so it was easy to agree on a common theme.

Below is the first of probably many nursery inspiration boards I will patch together.
Some of the items below are available for purchase at various online stores, others are
just copied and pasted from google images, and some are antique store/ebay/etsy finds.

4. antique tin forest service sign, antique store find
7. Smokey the Bear nature prints, antique store find
8. vintage Yellowstone pennant, eBay
9. mission-style wood rocking chair, we already own one similar to this

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