Monday, November 12, 2012

the sunday i spent the day in the hospital

First off,
Everything is OK!
So don't go worrying for me, ok? :)

Yesterday morning, I woke up with a bit of pain in the area one gets pain when they have 
a urinary tract infection. I've only had a uti once ever and it wasn't so bad so i was hoping
that was all it was. 

I dropped Chris off with our friends so he could ride along with them down to Louisville, KY
for a national cattle show, the North American International Livestock Exposition (or nail-AY,
as its affectionately called around our house). He's accompanying a bull calf of ours and a heifer
calf that we plan on selling in the national sale. When I dropped him off, the pain was nagging but
I was pretty sure it was nothing serious so I just planned on napping it off on the couch all day.

When I got back home, it was a stronger pain and suddenly my lower back on the right side started 
feeling sore. The slight soreness turned to more of a deep throbbing pain within an hour, which 
prompted me to call the after-hours-line of my OB. They told me they'd like me to come in to be
monitored.  Of course, this wasn't a death sentence or anything, but immediately after I got off the
phone with the doctor's office, I called Chris balling. I just couldn't help it.. I've been a very healthy
individual all of my life and only ever had to make a trip the emergency room once for a fever. So I 
was pretty scared and I didn't have Chris there to hold my hand.  He had his mom drive me down and
she spent the entire day (10am-7pm) there with me.  

Long story short, they think that the baby was putting its weight on my ureters (the tubes that drain your kidneys into your bladder), kinking it on my right side, causing some issues in that kidney and possibly a kidney stone, which has yet to show its ugly face. They monitored the baby and everything was perfecto, as usual, so my worries went out the window.  I did feel pretty bad for Chris, though. He was so worried. He was so far away by the time he knew anything about me making the trip to the hospital that he felt so helpless. I assured him that everything would be OK and it was.

Just a few factoids about my visit:

-I got my first ever IV out of the way :) So that's one less new thing I'll have to deal with when we
 go in to deliver
- I was able to stay in one of the newly renovated, fancy delivery rooms for the day and it was SO
  nice! I just wish Chris could have been there to practice sleeping on the couch ;)
-The nursing staff in OB unit are the absolute BEST.. I didn't even want to leave by the end of
  my stay. They were just so sweet. So there's another thing to look forward to, come March 2013.
-My mother-in-law, Karen is the best M.I.L. I could ever ask for. She kept my mind off of the pain
  and dealt with the long, boring stay, in which I napped a LOT, wonderfully.


  1. Glad everything ended up okay!!!

  2. So sorry to hear about your hospital visit & being in pain! So not fun!!! And so glad you're ok =) It's nice that you have such a great MIL!!! You def lucked out there ;)

  3. You poor thing. Glad everything is okay!!

  4. Holy shnikeys poor momma! So glad you and that bebe are good! I hope the next time your visiting the hospital it's to deliver that little munchkin of yours!


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