Monday, November 5, 2012


Just an update:
Our 20 week ultrasound went great except for the part where the babe decided to
curl up and face the opposite way that we needed it to. So instead of coming home
with a grainy but cute image of the side profile of our baby's face, we came home
with a photo of the bottom of the foot, the spine, and, my favorite, a shot of our baby's
very long, gangly arm from shoulder to fist. We think its taking after me in that respect ;)

So, although I was a little disappointed there wasn't a facial photo, as far as they could tell,
the babester is a healthy little thing. I do have to have another ultrasound on the 20th so they
can try and get a better view of all 4 chambers of the heart and the nose and mouth area, just 
to be sure everything is a-okay. Below is me at 21 weeks wearing just about the only thing
that's comfortable anymore: an Old Navy shirt dress and leggings. A Godsend, I tell ya..

we decided to start registering for babe stuff. We figured we'd get a jump on it now before
all of the holiday shopping crowds start mucking up traffic and clogging up aisles. Is anybody
else out there as shocked as I am that its already that time of year?
Anyways, we made the trek north to Rockford and settled on Babies-R-Us. We meandered
around trying to figure out car seats and strollers, laughing at ourselves and our awkwardness
all along the way.

Finally we got our registration "checklist" and our handy dandy registry gun
and made our way to the bottle/feeding section. I swear I almost had a nervous breakdown
staring at that wall of bottles and bottle accessories. First of all, registering for gifts is my nightmare.
I had a bit of anxiety about registering for our wedding gifts so I figured that this would happen.
My issue is that, being a first time mom (and for our wedding registry, a first time grown up/wife) I have no idea what to expect. I have no idea if breastfeeding is going to "work" for me and the babe so
should I wait to buy the $300 breast pump until I have an idea or should I just click it and forget it?
Which bottles work for that particular pump? Which awkward breast pad box should I register for? Which car seat is the most gender neutral? Which stroller is going to clean up the easiest/last the longest? And on and on and on...

My biggest problem with registering is the unknown. How much of this stuff is actually going to be useful and how much of it is going to collect dust in its box? And which items will our baby hate/love (bottles with various nipple shapes, etc). I guess time will tell.

So after about an hour and a half of this, with only 43 items registered for we cut out of there and went to Hooter's so Chris could watch the Chicago Bears game he'd been feverishly trying to keep up with via his iPhone the entire time we'd been in the store.

I coped with a plate of loaded tater tots and a steak and cheese quesadilla and decided the rest of my registering would be done online.
And all was well again :)


  1. you look adorable btw. good luck with ultrasound #2.

  2. Stop it with that bump! Sooo cute! Totally not looking forward to that whole registering thing, everything for babies seems so overwhelming.You guys are champs for conquering it!

  3. wow, you look so great pregnant!



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