Sunday, November 27, 2011

pretty proud aunt & uncle

Well, as you might have guessed...
my sister's water broke last night around 10pm (California time, of course)..
While I was feverishly cross-stitching my way into the early hours of morning here in Illinois (working on a family cross-stitch project I spied in Pinterest, dad who is in California with my brother, was sending me text updates on Jenna's condition.
When I talked to my sister  on the phone around 2am (IL time) I broke into tears of sheer and utter excitement. I realized that the next time I got her on the phone, I would be speaking to a brand spankin' new mom. This transition that takes place, morphing a regular old gal into bonafide momma has always fascinated me. One instant you are you and the next instant your entire life changes. You will always be a mother for everyday you live. Kinda neat..Needless to say I kept my phone on loud all night just incase dad called with updates and had to force myself to go to bed around 4. The anticipation was greater than any Christmas morning I could remember. Just when I was putting the finishing touches on my little knick knack cross-stitch gift for the new family, dad called and told me that little Geneva had arrived.
She weighed in at 7lbs 13oz and was born at 9:17am (Cali time)
Chris & I will board a Southwest bound for San Fran tomorrow morning. I've been putting off packing and laundry all day. Kinda wishing I could just teleport there.. We are so excited to meet our new niece. She has no idea how spoiled she's going to be. 
We are thanking God that her & her mama are in tip-tip shape,too
So here's to another absence from blogging..
But I promise that when I return, I will have many tales of our adventures in the greater San Francisco area, as well as our long anticipated road trip north to Seattle.. and if I had to guess, a slew of ridiculously stinkin' adorable newborn photos, to boot!

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  1. Congrats to you and your sis!!!
    Have fun! {though I'm sure you will} and I can't wait to see more photos upon your return!!


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