Friday, October 7, 2011

current happenings

I've kinda been M.I.A. in the blog world for the last week or so..
I have so much I would love to be blogging about currently but I have a major time constraint.. So here are the few things I can get out in the short time that I have while husband and father-in-law finish up morning cattle chores and the local tractor dealership comes out to our field to fix our auger wagon (part of my rig) that I may or may not have broken late last night..

Things that are weighing on my mind:
* laundry is piling up, and Chris keeps complaining that he's out of socks, jeans, boxers, towels, etc....
"Uhem...When is it, exactly, that you think I have enough time to do loads and loads of laundry when I am with you all day in the fields?" ......To be fair, I probably could be doing a load right now as I sit here with my green tea and type this out, but ya know... I need a break sometimes, ok?

* food... or the lack there of it in the Happ household... We haven't restocked our fridge and cupboards for almost a month now.. We just don't have the time or the energy to drive to the store at night after we've been working all day since sun up.. Typically we will get in the house around 9pm if we are lucky. Its just becoming such an issue because as I check the 10-day-forcast on my weather channel app everyday, I do not see a single drop of rain appearing in the forecast, which means another week will go by before we have a day off or even half a day off. No groceries for a while longer I suppose..
Last night Chris ate the remnants of a week and a half old loaf of cinnamon raison bread.. I ate half a bag of tostitos chips with my own pathetic dipping sauce that I threw together because it was all we had (sour cream and Ortega taco sauce)..
Every day for lunch, if we have some downtime around 2:00, we will run in to town to grab some lunch to go... our options are McDonald's, or the Casey's gas stations food... Lets just say that after a week or so of this I am so fed up with junk food lunches that I want to scream.... But yet again.. no time to go and buy lunch meat and bread.... UGH

* Seeing Chris all day, but never getting to talk to him.... I can see him through the window of his combine only unless I do something wrong and he has to come over to my tractor to explain.. Our phones do not work worth a crap even though we are less than 30 feet apart.. Its just frustrating. The small amount of time that we do actually see each other out of the tractors is when we are speeding into town for lunch and the 5 minutes we get to stuff our faces with food before starting work again..

I asked Chris last night when was the soonest that we would be out of the fields and done with harvest, if all conditions weather wise went accordingly...
He said maybe November 1st. 
So here's to at least another 25 days of this...
I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining about the work, I am not meaning to sound like that..
Its just the havoc that the work is wreaking on our household necessities.
I hope everyone has a wonderful fall weekend filled with fun activities and sleeping in and home cooked meals you make with your groceries you had time to buy.. haha :)


  1. Holy moly, girl! you are busy! How did you have time to write this exactly? Good luck with getting everything done. TRY and remember to breathe (it is critical)

  2. Laundry is always piling up and we have no food in our house either. Here's to a weekend of laundry and grocery shopping! :)

  3. you're really a busy girl!hope you'll find the time to do all that you want!
    Take a look at my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  4. Hoping that November 1st deadline comes through! Hang in there!

  5. I know how you feel about chores. When they get built up to be huge piles of clothes like that, I can't take it!! haha. One day at a a time. And as I write this comment I should probably be doing laundry, too. :)

  6. What a busy bee. I know the feeling!! Have a great weekend. xo.

  7. Oh goodness! Sounds like you got a lot on your plate! Well I hope you make a little time to relax and catch up! I know it is hard though! GOOD LUCK!


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