Tuesday, July 2, 2013

three month photos & an unexpected dinner date

We had Henry's 3 month photos taken in July with the wonderful and talented Phil & Andrea of McConville Studio in Peru. We met them in front of the beautiful and historic Starved Rock Lodge outside Utica in the early evening. Having just woken up from his afternoon nap, Henry was touch and go during the session but they managed to get a bunch of great shots for us. By the end of the photo session, he was squirming and flailing his arms about in his stroller so we headed towards the car.

 As we were walking to our car on a sidewalk that takes us past the lodge and over an impressive canyon, we smelled deliciousness wafting through the air from the direction of the lodge's veranda that overlooks the Illinois river. It was turning out to be such a gorgeous night and the idea of a nice dinner outdoors tempted us. It was one of those moments, as a fairly new parent, that you sigh and think of the days, long ago now, that you used to be able to do whatever you pleased at the drop of a hat without thinking twice about it. As we passed the sidewalk leading to the veranda, we kept going back and forth with "If you want to...." and "We probably could try it.." and "I'm sure he'll just nod off.."
We turned the stroller around and headed for the veranda. If Henry didn't like it, we could wheel on out of there as quick as could be.

We must have been on Henry's good graces because he slept like a champ while mommy & daddy slowly enjoyed dinner and then, to our surprise, the live local country music performers until the sun set, when it got a little too chilly for Henry (funny how I'm using the word "chilly" to describe a mid-June night in Northern Illinois!).

It was quite an unexpectedly perfect evening.

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