Monday, June 4, 2012

on golden pond

Saturday was a picture perfect day. The temperature sat comfortably in the mid 70s with a gentle breeze swooshing by from time to time. The sun alternated between hiding behind the cotton-ball clouds and shining, perfectly golden. Things were pretty quiet around the farm, so Chris & I decided to get the dog carrier out and pack Reagan and a few tennis balls up in the bed of the truck. We were heading to the family pond about 10 miles away. This was our first trip to the pond with Reagan. We'd taken our other labs to the pond many times over the years and watched as they became talented swimmers or sat on the bank, too afraid to put a paw in the water. We were hoping that Reagan fit into that first category, and oh, how she did! It didn't take her 5 minutes before she was almost completely submerged, paddling to her hearts content. I have to say that watching her have so much fun that day made my month! She swam and swam until she was too exhausted to go anymore. 

When we packed her back up in the dog carrier, she cried and cried, like a kid leaving Disneyland. She kept whimpering and crying for miles after we left. We could hear her in the cab of the truck she was so distraught. We were hoping that she would love it as much as she did so we could bring her along when we go up to our lake cabin in northern Wisconsin this July. There's not much that makes a lab happier than a big body of water :) It was such a nice day to get away from home and just relax. With no where to be and no plans to keep with friends, for once. It was like hitting the reset button for the day.

I brought my camera along and was pretty snap-happy. Here are some of my favorites.


  1. Your weekend looks like it was lovely too! I mainly bought supplies for my shop - but love looking at all of the pretty vintage things!

    Also, I love your hat! So cute!

  2. Thanks, Liz! I got the hat at Target. I hear ya there, I could browse flea markets ALL DAY looking at all the pretty antiques. Its like sensory overload by the end of the day.

  3. I love those photos of Reagan in the pond! Our lab is so also such a water dog. That photo of just you is beautiful!! Love your hat!

    1. There something so special about watching water dogs doing what they do best, is there? And its so fun to watch. Thank you, Alison :) You're so sweet

  4. Lovely photos and great hat! Have a lovely week.

  5. Oh this made me all happy to read :) Love summer, the outdoors and new adventures exploring and diving into creation 100%.

  6. awh haha how cute! :) I LOVEEE summer. and I am going to visit Wisconsin this Thursday for a week! I hope it's as pretty as your photos make it look

    Lovely Little Rants

  7. Oh my gosh your dog is ADORABLE!!! So cute!!!


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