Monday, April 23, 2012

every rose has its thorn

the colored arrows show where each rose is planted and what color blooms they will have when mature
I know the title implies that something went wrong with our rose planting day, but honestly, I just love that song :) So...when I got home on Friday, there was a large, pretty floral-printed box waiting for me on the front porch. My roses, which I ordered a few months back, had arrived. They had estimated that the roses would arrive somewhere between April & May, so we just assumed that it would be more like May and put off the major steps necessary to get our front rose/flower bed ready. Basically, the patch of ground that we had in mind was so layered with rocks that standing on a shovel and jumping only allowed the shovel to go down about an inch or two. 
Instead of shoveling all of it out (there was about 1' or more of soil that was chuck full of river rock stones) and risking a trip to the chiropractor on Monday, we decided this was a job for our skid-steer tractor. Thanks to my lovely husband running the machinery, my father-in-law, Joe, supervising and using the shovel, and my brother-in-law, Michael, using the sawzall to cut through all of the huge, old dead tree roots we came across, I was able to plant my roses within 24 hours of their arrival. 
Now the fun part starts.... 
I have to decide what I'm going to fill the remainder of the bed with and draw a rough sketch to see how everything will fit. Also, we should probably order a LOT of mulch and make a trip together down to Home Depot to pick out some pavers of some sort to border the flower bed along the sidewalk. In other news, and also another planting tidbit, my sycamore tree arrived at my friend's nursery down the road. I had been inquiring at most of our local nurseries about purchasing a sycamore and nobody had one on their property. My friend Travis' mom, who runs their landscaping business, happened to be going around to other nurseries and tagging trees and found me one. So now we just have to find a spot that will be the perfect match for this tree that will grow rather fast, and end up being the biggest tree in our yard someday. Sigh... I just love greenery in all forms. Its kind of like a shopping addiction, but instead of buying cardigans, I buy trees. But I just love them so much :)

Mission accomplished :)


  1. I can't wait to see what it looks like when the roses have made their pretty little selves known.

  2. I cant wait to see how it comes out either! I love gardens and planting but I'm not very good at it. One day I hope to have the time to have a beautiful garden outside our home.

  3. I am a new follower ;)

    I think it will look great once it begins to bloom!!

    Feel free to pop by and say hello when you get a chance! ;)

  4. I'm so glad to have found your blog. You live on a farm! Love it!

    Hope your roses do well :) We planted our garden recently but it's currently drowning under constant rain!


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