Friday, March 16, 2012

5 things right now

Just some highlights from the past week..

 1. Greek yogurt drizzled with honey is a revelation... I mean, its like a party in my mouth. I used to only eat greek yogurt for the protein and sort of secretly detested the sour taste. So on a whim, the other day, I got out my trusty honey bear and combined the two. Just trust me on this one and try it NOW.

  2. I rented The Tree of Life the other day and fell in love with Jessica Chastain's character, Mrs. O'Brien. 
 She was, quite simply, beautiful in her portrayal of doting mother. Her character is one of such a 
 whimsical quality. She was constantly running through the yard, playing with her three boys. Watching 
  her made me want so badly a brood of my own to run around with and show the wonder of nature, like 
  she did. The movie itself might not be for everyone (its takes some patience and imagination) but I
  would watch it again just to see her performance. Plus Brad Pitt wasn't too bad to look at :)

3. I made my first batch of homemade pasta sauce (creamy tomato vodka sauce) this week! I am so proud of myself. I've always believed that I wouldn't truly be considered an accomplished cook until I could master making my own pasta sauce. Don't get me wrong, I use store-bought alfredo sauce like its nobody's business and those people who manufacture it sure know how to do it. In the case of alfredo sauce I like to ask myself "why re-invent the wheel?" But a really good tomato based sauce is accomplishable, in my book.

4. I've been on such an unprecedented cleaning-binge lately. This is not to say that normally I'm found sitting on my keister letting our house become disgusting.. Its just that the usually overlooked little crevices throughout our house have been under my scrutinizing eye and I have been a little bit grossed out  over the fact that I've never spent the time to clean them before.

Exhibit A: The white plastic that houses our windows.. like the window sill or whatever its called. You would not  believe how much dirt/grossness accumulates in the little nooks and crannies of those things. And you would, also, not believe how ahhhmazing they look when they are in spotless, bleach-white condition.

Also, I never noticed how gross/dusty/greasy/dirty our window screens in the kitchen were until I scrubbed them down.. Its like a cloud has been lifted in our kitchen! I am obsessed with cleaning windows now. Yes, I am raving about cleaning. Oh, the little things that make us housewives sing.

5. A while back I posted about an idea that I was toying around with. This idea would be to get/or not to    get chickens. Chris flat out told me no at first and then he seemed to be warming up to the notion when he brought me home chick care pamphlets from Tractor Supply Company the other day. Later on it was revealed that he only picked me up those pamphlets in hopes that I would see how much work it was to raise chicks and decide, on my own, not to get them so he wouldn't end up being the "bad guy". So last week, we decided that maybe I should just hold off on the chickens for a few years. I swallowed my pride and agreed with him.

 So, today we were making a routine trip to Rural King to pick up some dog food over lunch and I heard the chirp-chirp-chirping from across the store. I went exploring and found 5 galvanized water tanks filled with chicks. Right next to these tanks were bags and bags of feed, coops, brooding huts, etc. When Chris found me, my eyes were as sad and droopy as a basset hound. He revoked his "absolutely not" decision on the chickens. Tomorrow there is a large farm consignment sale down the road in Leland that had 2 beautiful, new mini red barn- style chicken coops. We are going to go to the sale to see what they end up bringing and if they go cheap enough I may be able to live out my chicken dream after all :)


  1. Yay on the pasta you made :) And Greek yogurt is the greatest!!!

    Have a great weekend.


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