Monday, February 20, 2012

weekend instagram-ing

Titanic was on HBO so I kind of had to watch it for the billionth time.
On Saturday night, we went out for steaks with Chris's family. His sister, Emily, had a very nice man-friend in visiting from Fort Worth, Texas (pictured left to right: Karen, my mother-in-law, Emily, and Billy, her friend). We met him shortly before dinner at her apartment over a game of Loaded Questions (the official Happ family board game of choice).
On Sunday, I followed Chris down to the barn to do afternoon chores.
I stalked our quirky barn cat, Kitty Purry, for a while.
We headed over to another farm that we keep cattle at and met up with Jaqueline (the most friendly, tame calf you will ever encounter). She's the one rubbing her neck on Chris's leg below. She's a strange one. Her mother is one of our most high-spirited, kinda crazy cows and all 3 of her offspring have been ,oddly, super friendly.
I stalked Kitty Purry some more.
The end.
As you can see we didn't get around to doing much this weekend.
But we did have enough time to finish removing the trim from our master bedroom.
Now its time to strip the varnish off the wood. 
Fun, fun, fun..

Tomorrow, Chris & I are driving to Nebraska to check out a bull that Chris
is thinking about buying on an auction Thursday. Hopefully we'll have some time
to stop at a couple antique malls/stores on the way out.
Expect tales of our Nebraska adventures Friday.


  1. new follower alert! love learning about you and your life.

    1. Hello!! Happy to hear from you and have your as an awesome follower, Elle :)

  2. You can never get enough Titanic! It's one of the greatest movies ever! :) What a cute little kitten and calf you have there!

    Alex ~

  3. I love Titanic. Love love it. I'll be going to see it when it's re-released in April :)


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