Friday, February 10, 2012

last night i dreamt of paris

Me in Paris, October '09
            I guess, technically, it was this morning. It always seems like I have the most vivid, odd dreams after I wake up when Chris leaves and then snuggle back down under the covers to block out the morning (I think I need blackout blinds).
            Anywho, I dreamt that I was back in Paris. Most of the people with me were the same people who were with me in reality when I went there in fall of 2009... My dad, brother, and sister (no brother-in-law in this version, sorry J.P!). The only new edition to the clan was my husband, Chris. Nothing in my dream actually resembled the real Paris. For some reason, when I dream of that city it never looks like the real version but the dream version of the place is the same from dream to dream.. I will never understand the science or nature of dreaming so I won't even try. In the dream we only had 4 hours before we had to be at the airport and all I wanted to see was the Eiffel Tower. I wanted more than anything to have a picture snapped of Chris & I standing in the foreground. We tried finding it but then my dad made us go to airport early. MAJOR disappointment when I woke up, as I'm pretty sure I thought it was real and that, yes, Chris & I made it over to Europe before the ripe old age of 65.
          When I went in real life, my dad, bro, & I flew to Germany for my sister's wedding. We were in Europe for 11 days and went to 6 different countries. My brother-in-law & sister were kind enough to take us along on a sort of "honeymoon" before their wedding. They are both in the U.S. Air Force and at the time were stationed in southern Germany. Everything about Europe made me fall head-over-heals. The food, the different languages, the building that dated back further than any building I'd ever seen in America. Ever since that trip, all I've been wishing and wanting for is to go back. Of course, we probably couldn't afford such a wide-ranging trip (we were chauffered around by my bro-in-law in a rented car and most nights stayed at their apartment in Germany). But I would be content with centralizing our trip in a big city, like Paris. I just want Chris to see it. But then again, if we are going over there we might as well see somewhere neither of us have seen, like London or Rome.
           We are in NO WAY planning this trip at the moment and probably won't be for several years. We want children in the near future and I don't know how I feel about 13 hour flights with toddlers or babies. I suppose my subconscious will continue to take me on little tours of Paris every once in a while to keep my travel hunger at bay.


  1. wanderlust, gets me everytime. paris sounds like a dream!

  2. It's strange how real dreams feel, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by my blog, doll :)

  3. What a fabulous trip! I'm still waiting for the day I get to go to Europe.. and eat their food haha

  4. Thanks, Monica! I feel exactly the same way about wherever we go.. I MUST try all there is to try of their food lol :)

  5. I want to dream of Paris...and actually go there! That's so neat your sister got married in Germany! I bet that was gorgeous!

  6. Oh, I love Europe!! Funny where are dreams take us. Sometimes to lands unknown, other times to places we've been to a thousand times... You'll go back one day :)
    I really want to take my kids traveling with me all over the world!!

    Thanks for your sweet comment! Yay for taking care of our homes and working our butts of to do so!
    Cheers to being the best dang housewives ever :)


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