Wednesday, February 1, 2012

feathered friends

     No, we do NOT have any chickens on our farm. YES, I would like to see this change. Chris, however, does not exactly feel the same way I do. A couple of days ago on Pinterest, I was browsing a friend of a friend of a friend's pins and came across the Taj Mahal of chicken coops. It had pretty gray siding and had a little fenced in yard for the chickens to hang out in. Of course I didn't repin it so now I can't find it, but it made my chicken dreams seem more attainable just seeing it on the screen..
      Around the beginning of January, Chris & I made a bet that stemmed from us running out of eggs due to my excessive baking. I'd been going through egg cartons like crazy. To add to that, being on my new health kick had put me in the routine of having breakfast everyday, consisting mainly of 2 over-easy eggs sprinkled with Tony Chachere's creole seasoning, a couple oranges, green tea and milk. I also had taken to having an egg or two after daily cardio/toning excersises. This increased need for eggs caused a thought bubble to appear beside my head with the words "Hmmm...chickens? We DO live on a farm.. and we DO have a lot of space...". So I made a bet with Chris that I would not let one single egg spoil or go to waste for 6 months. If I achieved said goal, I could get 2 chickens. Of course, he laughed and did not take it seriously AT ALL.
        So far, I've kept up my part of the bargain. Today I had a wild hair and decided to discuss getting chickens openly in front of Chris and his dad, mostly to get a rise out of Chris. He HATES the idea. I assume its because he doesn't think I could handle the daily chores and would grow tired of the chickens like a toddler loses interest in a new toy and moves onto the next. Sigh... My father-in-law egged me on (no pun intended..hahah, I'm a dork), encouraging the chicken nonsense. Part of me just wants Chris to give in and say "okay" to the idea. Part of me doesn't know exactly how serious I am about it. But one thing I do know for sure is that I really would love having farm fresh eggs every morning. I think it would be fun to walk out to the coop everyday and hunt for the freshly laid eggs. For now, I will just keep dreaming. In a month or so when Farm & Fleet gets their baby chicks into the store, that might be a whole 'nother story.

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