Friday, September 9, 2011

kaleidoscope sky

Late in the afternoon yesterday, I was sitting indian-style on the living room floor waiting for hubby to get his keister home from a long afternoon of bailing hay. 
I was keeping busy alternating between folding laundry and watching bad reruns of Keeping up with the K's on E!.
 Between insults being thrown back and forth from Scott & Rob, I noticed the unnatural pinkish glow filling every window visible.
I grabbed my Canon and darted outside to explore.
Seems that Tropical Storm Lee decided to stretch its remnants our direction.
Although we didn't get any rain from it, it served as a wonderful canvas for a sunset.
The eerily darkened eastern sky helped to produce a beautiful, creepy, fabulous glow outside. 
I snapped away to my little heart's content!

Reagan wondering what it the hell mommy was up to..
the first thing i noticed when i walked out the front door.. if you look closely you can see a
 second rainbow above on the right hand side...
I climbed up onto the machine shed roof to snap this just before the sun went below cornfield level..

just after the sun went under the covers for the night. 

Just another perk that I love about living out in the boonies......
there's nothing to obstruct your view of God's masterpieces 

I hope everyone has a perfect, autumn weekend :)


  1. Those are gorgeous pictures. I love sunsets. :)

  2. beautiful photos :) that dog is adorable, love the coloring of his fur!

  3. Thanks ladies! We LOVE the color of her fur. I think it's called "fox red" or something..

  4. Gorgeous photos! So lovely and perfect!


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