Monday, July 18, 2011

new, new, new!

Chris & I have now been married for a grand total of 3 days.. I just cannot get over how new everything we do feels. For instance, last night was the first night since the wedding that we had been able to sleep in our bed at home.. We have slept in that bed in our tiny closet room (where we've been camped out until we start and finish the renovation of the master bedroom) countless times but somehow it felt like it was the first time I'd heard Chris snoring, or the first time I'd tossed and turned sleeplessly due to the great lack of A.C. ducts coming out into our upstairs.

Today also felt like the first day I'd woke to rain hitting the window next to my head and rain softly falling. This rain is a God-send, I might add! Our poor lawn was looking terrible and my garden was probably yearning for the "real stuff" instead of simulated sprinkler rain.
Today we'll be our first picnic with my family since being married and even though its raining, I cannot wait. Dad's homemade fried chicken will taste just as amazing sitting in the truck at Starved Rock as it would taste sitting at a picnic table. I know the corn is enjoying this perfectly timed rain (hooray for pollination weather!) so I will not complain

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