Friday, November 4, 2011

April & Andy

Last night Chris & I watched our weekly episode of Parks & Rec on ABC..
If you aren't already watching it, well..... you should be
Anyways, it stars Amy Poehler and its basically about the parks dept./local government in a small Indiana town. My two favorite characters on the show have always been April & Andy. April is a cynic in her 20's who rarely cracks a smile but the viewer can tell that she's smiling on the inside. Andy is highly motivated, but lazy and naive guy who worked his way from being unemployed, to shoe shining, to now being an assistant to the main character on the show. He's just a big teddy bear kind of guy who should know the ways of the world by now but seems to just prefer living in his own world. He smiles a lot. 
April & Andy got married in a living room at an event that was announced to everyone as a "housewarming party". Andy wore an Indianapolis Colts jersey.
I've always enjoyed watching their interactions and last night was no different except that I finally realized why I've been so infatuated with their characters for so long. They are me & Chris...
Well, kinda.... except I'm not as severely cynical as April & Chris is not lazy.. but trust me, the similarities are there. Last nights episode involved a local cult who predicted that the end of the world would arrive in the morning. It involved Andy's bucket list.
Just watch this clip and it will better explain..
The things on Andy's list, well... most of them, are things that we would have on ours.. I thought it was kinda cute. In the episode, April helps Andy check off a bunch of items on his bucket list. After, she tells him that they should do the next thing while they are on a roll before they realize how stupid it is. They end up driving straight through to the Grand Canyon. When they get there Andy asks where all the presidents' faces are :) LOVE this show..
That is something Chris & I do. If something feels right to us, we get in the car or book flights and just do what our hearts want to do. We don't care what others think. We only have one life together and it would be a shame if we lived it the "vanilla" way.
Love you, babe

Later this afternoon I'm off to Chicago with my friend Meg. We are FINALLY going to see a band that she got me hooked on when we first met in college, Reckless Kelly. They are a "red dirt" country/rock band and they are downright awesome. We are having dinner and staying with her friends overnight in Chicago so it should be an interesting time!
Have a great night/weekend, all!

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  1. That's fantastic that you're going to Chicago, and you're gonna see a band! I hope you have a good time :)


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